Thornwood & Valhalla roof, siding and deck cleaning company Westchester Power Washing is a 5 star Google Business Review pressure cleaning business.

Thornwood, Valhalla, Slate, Siding, Roof Shampoo, Mahopac slate and asphalt roof cleaning, Somers, roof, free estimates, pressure cleaning westchester, roof cleaningWestchester Power Washing has provided home exterior pressure cleaning services to Thornwood & Valhalla homeowners since 1990. Peter Salotto, owner of Westchester Power Washing has pressure washed more homes, patios, decks, and siding more than any other pressure cleaner. In addition, Peter also soft washes roofs and provides better roof cleaning than roof shampoo companies.


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Below are some of the roof cleaning questions we have answered from some of our Thornwood and Valhalla, NY customer:

How often should I have my roof cleaned?

It is recommended to have your roof cleaned every 5 years. In fact, cleaning your roof every 5 years also helps your roof stay efficient. When you see black streaks on your roof and your roof is dirty, it is time to have you roof cleaned.

How often should I have my house and siding pressured washed?

Due to weather, such as rain, snow, pollution and due to the change of seasons and the foliage in Westchester County, most homes need to be pressure washed annually. This includes your house, siding, patio, deck and fence. Pressure washing your home allows it to keep its curb appeal and its value. 

What is better, roof shampoo or soft roof washing?

We get this roof shampoo versus soft roof washing question quite often. Roof shampoo is a name of a roof cleaning franchise that cleans your roof. Roof shampoo businesses are usually owned by less experienced roof cleaners and they have their own roof cleaning technique. The best way to wash your roof is with soft roof washing. In fact, soft roof washing is great for asphalt and slate roofs. Soft roof washing is the only roof washing process recommended by the roofing industry. Westchester Power Washing only soft washed your roof. We have been soft washing roof since 1990.

Should I hire a roof cleaning or house pressure washing business that is not insured?

Never hire a roof cleaning or house pressure washing business that is not insured. Roof washing and pressure cleaning is tough and can be dangerous work. There is always risk of injury and damage to your home when inexperienced people do the work. Westchester Power Washing is insured and we have washed more than 18,000 homes, patios, roofs and decks since 1990. During this time we have always use the best cleaning equipment and the safest products and techniques to protect you, your house and ourselves from injury. Most companies do not have insurance so beware.

Are all pressure washing businesses the same and all use the same cleaning solutions?

No all pressure washing businesses and roof cleaning businesses are not the same. Some companies use heavy equipment on your roof. This can damage your roof. Others pressure wash your roof. We never pressure wash your roof. We only soft wash roofs. Also some companies use harsh cleaning agents on your house and roof. We only use eco-safe cleaning products that are safe for families, pets and landscapes. 

Does my insurance company care if I don’t clean my roof?

YES. Your insurance company can cancel your homeowners policy if your roof is extremely dirty showing black marks, moss, mold, mildew and lichens. Some homeowners in Valhalla and Thornwood have called us to clean their roof because the insurance company did not like the appearance of their roof. Your roof keeps your home safe and dry. A poorly maintained roof can cost tens of thousands to fix and cause even more damage to your home and the contents inside if it leaks. Keeping your roof clean is not just to keep your insurance happy, it also protects the life of your roof, your home value and the contents of your home from being destroyed.

Is it cheaper to have my roof and house pressure washed at the same time?

Roof washing and pressure cleaning are two different home exterior cleaning jobs. That being said, we at Westchester Power Washing always find it is best to have your roof, house, patio, siding and deck cleaned at the same time. This way you get to enjoy a beautiful clean home all at once. In addition, if you hire us to wash your roof and pressure wash your house, siding, deck and patio at the same time, when we provide you with our FREE estimate and quote, we will also provide you with a discount on our services. We want your home to be beautiful and we want to be the company that makes it beautiful and enjoyable.

Who is the best rated roof and house pressure cleaning company in Thornwood and Valhalla?

Okay, this question is easy to answer. The best rated roof cleaning and house pressure washing business in Thornwood and Valhalla according to our customers and Google Business Review is Westchester Power Washing.

If you are in or near Thornwood or Valhalla and are searching for the best roof washing and house pressure cleaning business in Westchester County, New York- call Westchester Power Washing at 914-490-8138.


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