Are you searching for Thornwood roof shampoo, roof cleaning or roof washing services in Thornwood?

Do you see black streaks or black marks on your Thornwood roof? Does your roof have mold, mildew, lichens or moss? Does your roof look like it needs to be repaired or replaced? Are you selling or refinancing your house and you want your Thornwood roof cleaned?

Thornwood Roof shampoo, roof cleaning and house pressure washingWestchester Power Washing cleans and removes black streaks and marks from residential roofs in Thornwood. We are the leading roof cleaning company in Westchester County, NY. Furthermore, we are a 5 star Google rated roof washing and house pressure washing business. In addition, Westchester Power Washing is the most recommended pressure cleaning company in Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess County.

Westchester Power Washing started in 1990 by Peter Salotto. Peter worked as a police officer while he cleaned roofs and pressure washed homes. After retiring from police work, Peter continued operating Westchester Power Washing and turned it into the most experienced, trusted and referred residential pressure washing company.

In the last 29 years, Westchester Power Washing has pressured washed more than 18,000 homes. In addition to roof shampoo and soft washing roofs, this includes pressure washing siding. As well as, wood, tile, cement, and trek decks and patios, fences, walkways, driveway, walls, and stairs.  

Real estate agents, roof repair, gutter cleaning, and solar panel companies in Thornwood recommend Westchester Power Washing to their clients. Furthermore, most of our customers come via referral. Or they are past customers who rehire us to wash their roofs, house, patio, and decks. As well as siding, walkways, walls, outdoor furniture, and fences when needed.

In addition to providing great customer service and a satisfaction guarantee, Westchester Power Washing is also insured.

We have liability and workers compensation insurance that is specific to roof cleaning and pressure washing that protects our customers and us, in case of an accident on your property.

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Many of our roof cleaning/roof shampoo and house and siding pressure washing customers are in Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Armonk, Pleasantville, and Katonah. As well as Bronxville, Bedford, Bedford Hills, Hawthorne, Thornwood, Pound Ridge, White Plains, and Rye.

Pressure washing your walkway is key to maintaining your home’s value. There are lots of different types of concrete/masonry surfaces that we clean:

  • Stone Walkways
  • Pool Brick Pavers
  • Slate Flagstone Walls
  • Bluestone
  • Brick Patios
  • Brick and Stone Walls
  • and Pool Decking (including concrete, brick, and pavers)

In addition to dirt, each of these surfaces typically grows moss, mildew, algae, and fungus.

Cement patios and walkways are some of the hardest surfaces to clean.  In order to clean any stone surface, a professional grade power washer like the one we use is necessary.

Unlike other companies, due to our extensive experience and expertise, we wash your walkways and sidewalk without damaging landscape or causing any damage to your grass, mulch, flower bedding or foliage.

Besides soft roof washing and home exterior cleaning, Westchester Power washing is the leader in concrete patio and sidewalk washing.

Our specialized formulated eco-friendly green clean solution will not damage landscapes but will effectively clean your surfaces. We carefully pressure clean every crevice of your home’s walkway, driveway, and patios — making sure to eliminate the algae and weeds that sprout up between the concrete.

To schedule an appointment to have your walkway, patio, driveway or pool deck cleaned- call us today at 914.490.8138.


Home exterior soft washing is our safe, effective low-pressure cleaning method. This allows us to professionally clean and sanitizes your home using low-pressure equipment with our eco-friendly soft washing cleaning product. Our soft roof method kills, removes and prevents organic growth and black stains associated with mold, mildew, lichen, pollen, algae, moss and fungi growth.

Soft wash treatments focus on the root cause of the mold and mildew growths while killing the spores without damaging your home, harming people or the environment.

This is the fastest and most effective home exterior cleaning method available. Soft washing helps keep your home exterior clean longer. We guarantee our soft roof washing technique will keep your roof streak free for 5 years.

The soft-wash process is also recommended by all insurance companies. All the products we use to clean your roof and home exterior of your home are 100% biodegradable.


To begin with, we use a power washer to soft wash your home and roof. This is the same power washer that is used to high-pressure wash driveways and walkways. So, the difference is not the equipment. It is the nozzle we use and the amount of water pressure. To soft wash, we use very low water pressure hence the term soft washing. This eliminates the potential for your home or roof to be damaged.

Thornwood, house siding and roof, BEdford, Bedford Hills siding, house and roof cleaning- Westchester Power Washing, power washing, roof cleaning, patio, patio pressure washing, patio cleaningWith high-pressure washing, massive amounts of water pressure are used to remove mold, algae, lichen, moss, and other contaminants. High-pressure washing can give you immediate results that look good but this may last for a short period of time. High-pressure washing blasts dirt and grime. Unfortunately, this usually causes permanent and irreversible damage. Besides damaging homes and landscapes, high-pressure washing is known to spread spores onto other surfaces. Therefore, this spreads mold, mildew, lichens, moss, and fungus into the air you breathe. This ultimately means your roof, home, and other surfaces will need to be cleaned sooner. And mold will appear worse than before thus making high-pressure washing even more expensive than soft washing.

Soft washing advantages versus high-pressure washing:

  • Uses less water
  • Longer lasting results
  • Little noise
  • Safe for all known building materials
  • More cost effective
  • Leaves surfaces cleaner(100 % kill of mold and bacteria)
  • Kills spores and moss on contact
  • Does not damage the surface
  • Does not exaggerate the weathering effect
  • Leaves home exterior and roof 100% sterilized

Westchester Power Washing gives FREE ESTIMATES for roof shampoo, roof washing, and house, siding, patio, deck, and fence pressure washing. Call or text Peter Salotto, owner of Westchester Power Washing at 914-490-8138.