Clean roof or replace roof? If your roof is dirty, sometimes is hard to tell if you need to clean roof or replace roof. Unless you are experiencing leaks or see physical damage to your roof, your roof probably just needs to be shampooed.

If you see roof damage, call a licensed roofer. If you see dirt, black streaks, mold, mildew or moss, call Roof Washing NY. Roof Washing NY gives you a free estimate to shampoo your roof and if necessary, an estimate to clean your siding and driveway.

Roof replacement is expensive. One way to extend the life of your roof is to keep it clean of moss, mildew, lichens, mold and moss. These bacteria and mold eat away your roof, damage shingles and reduce your roofs energy efficiency.

Here are some facts about roofs and why you should have clean roof:

  1. Why should a homeowner do a pressure roof cleaning? Buying a home is huge, lifelong investment. After investing money in a beautiful home, unless damaged,  it makes to change your roof. An in-depth wash will give your home a nice pick-me-up. Moreover, my friends at advised me that a thorough roof pressure cleaning will eliminate black stains from any roof including mold, moss, and magma. Once the wash is complete, the roof will as close to new as possible. Plus, the biodegradable chemical used in the wash will keep any roof looking fresh and clean for at least one year.
  2. Difference between replacing roof and getting roof pressure cleaned. Assume a home has a 900-square-foot roof. A roof replacement can easily escalate to thousands if not more depending on the roofs materials. A roof wash by Roof Washing NY is far less in cost. In fact, can be less than 10% of a roof replacement.
  3. Shingles on roofs are a food source to algae, lichens and moss. Moss, lichen and algae eat the organic material in shingles. This leads to wood rot. Once the wood rots, mold can get in your home leading to health concerns. 
  4. Insurance companies can terminate your policy if you have a dirty roof. Dirty roof allow mold from your roof to enter your home. Insurance companies require homeowners to maintain their roofs clean because roof stains and other issues with roofs cost the insurance money in claims. 
  5. Algae covering shingles absorb heat and causes your home to be hotter and your air conditioning bills. Shampooing your roof stops the algae from covering roof shingles.

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