We’ve all heard the saying before “home is where the heart is” and “there is no place like home.”

As I find myself browsing for a new place to buy, I have come across information on everything from mortgages to home insurance. But the one thing that took me aback the most has been roofs. That’s right roofs.

After having to deal with the workers who are fixing the roof at my parent’s place, I decided to look further into what would be best to do as a homeowner (or future homeowner in my case.)

Would it be better (and cheaper) for my folks to change their roof all together?

And then I learned about roofs getting pressure cleaned and I was hooked. Here is what I learned.

  1. Why should a homeowner do a pressure roof cleaning? Well, for starters buying a home is huge, lifelong investment, that comes with a lot of stress. After investing all that time and money in a beautiful home, it makes no sense to jump the gun and completely change your entire roof. An in-depth wash will give your home a nice pick-me-up. Moreover, my friends at WestchesterPowerWashing.com have advised me that a thorough pressure cleaning will eliminate black stains from any roof and other nuances including mold removal roof, moss, and magma. Once the wash is complete, the roof will look brand new and the biodegradable chemical used in the wash will keep any roof looking fresh and clean for at least one year.
  1. Let’s explore the difference between changing a new roof versus getting a pressure cleaning. Assume that your home has a 900-square-foot roof. A roof replacement for a home like that can easily escalate to a very expensive figure. A roof wash by Westchester Power Wash is far less in cost. That is definitely worth a Westchester roof cleaning !
  1. One interesting thing I learned is that the shingles on roofs are a food source to algae, lichens and moss. They love to eat the organic materials in the shingles. This unfortunately can lead to these little creatures eating into your roof, leading to wood rot. Once the wood rots, mold can get into your home very fast leading to health concerns. Calling Westchester Power Wash for your roof can save you this entire headache.
  1. Did you know insurance companies can terminate your policy if you have a nasty roof? It goes back to mold getting in your roof and home. Insurance companies are encouraging homeowners to maintain their roofs clean because roof stains and overall issues with roofs will cost the insurance more money in claims.
  1. Last thing that comes to mind, but definitely not the least, is that algae covering shingles are known to absorb heat and this causes your home to be hotter and your air conditioning bills to be higher. No one wants that especially in the hot summer months ahead.

If you are looking for more information on getting a pressure cleaning for your roof, make sure to check out my friends at WestchesterPowerWashing.com. Ask for Pete and let him know you read this blog. He will certainly hook you up because “home is where the heart is.”

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