Discount roof cleaners in Westchester County are rarely your best option. Yes, there are some roof cleaners who will work for next to nothing but this is usually because they are not experienced, so you are putting your roof at risk for costly damages. Essentially, they are using your roof for practice. Remember, like most other purchases, you get what you pay for this includes roof cleaners.

We at Roof Washing NY have been in business washing roofs for almost 30 years. During this time, we have washed thousands of roofs. We stand by our work and treat your home like ours. We use environmentally safe cleaning solutions and professionally maintain our equipment. Therefore, you never have to worry about unnecessary accidents or damage to your property. In fact, we believe in safety first. We also believe in customer satisfaction. If you are unsatisfied with our services, you don’t speak to an employee, you have access to the owner. Peter, owner of Roof Washing NY is always available for customers questions.


Some roof cleaners use heavy equipment and place this machinery on your roof. This equipment adds weight to your roof and can damage your roof, your shingles and your roof trusses. Other roof cleaners use high pressure power washers to clean your roof. Pressure washing your roof is equivalent to sandblasting your roof with water. Unfortunately, this method destroy your shingles, tears the paper underneath and causes your roof to leak.

Roof cleaning may look easy but can be hard work when done correctly. Discount roof cleaners take short cuts that make their discount costly to their customers. Instead of looking for a discount roof cleaner, instead search for a roof cleaning company with the experience and expertise to clean your roof correctly. Saving a few dollars can lead to spending thousands to repair your roof shingles or replace your roof.

Call Roof Washing NY for a free estimate to clean your roof, clean your siding and clean your driveway. The call is free. The cleaning estimate is free. You have nothing to lose. Call Peter at Roof Washing NY at (914) 490-8138.– Westchester County NY’s premier roof washing and exterior home cleaning business for almost 30 years.