The best rated Somers roof cleaning and house pressure washing company is Westchester Power Washing. If you have black streaks, mold, mildew, lichens or moss on your roof, give us a call at 914-490-8138. 

Westchester Power Washing completely cleans mold (black streaks), moss, algae, lichen, fungus & bacteria from your Somers roof, siding and home exterior.

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Whereas. Westchester Power Washing uses a proven soft wash method to clean your roof and home exterior and only uses environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Also, Westchester Power Washing never uses heavy equipment on your roof or use high water pressure to wash your roof or siding. Strong water pressure damages siding, shingles, tar paper and the wood on your roof.

Soft roof washing is a low pressure spray which ejects the cleaning solution slowly. This helps our eco-friendly roof cleaning solution bathe roof shingles. This method removes black streaks, moss, mold, mildew, lichens and moss.

By soft washing the shingles, the mold spores are killed. Therefore, you have a clean roof that is free of the mold, mildew, moss, lichens and black streaks.

In addition, a clean roof helps your home maintain energy efficiency.

By the way, a dirty roof will need premature replacement if not cleaned properly.

Somers, pressure washing, roof cleaning- stone wall pressure washed, black marks, oil, dirt, moss, mold, mildew, fungi, algae, soot, stains

Before and after of stone wall pressure cleaned

Cleaning your roof with soft roof washing extends the life of your Somers NY roof. Replacing a roof costs up to 20 times the price of roof washing.

Also, insurance companies have cancelled homeowners insurance due to dirty roofs. Dirty roofs are a sign of neglect and the possibility that mold, mildew, lichens, fungus or mold is growing.

These bacteria ( and fungus) destroy your roof and your homes energy efficiency ( keeping attic temps hotter reducing cooling efficiency.

Therefore, if you notice black streaks on your roof or your roof is dirty, call Westchester Power Washing at (914) 490 – 8138.

For Free Estimates on washing your roof, siding, patio, deck, walkways, fence or walls- call or text us at 914-490-8138. We have been soft washing roofs and clean home exteriors since 1990. We are considered the best in residential roof cleaning and pressure washing.

In addition to efficiency, another benefit of a clean roof is curb appeal. Dirty roofs make your home appear neglected. Furthermore, dirt from your roof runs onto your home’s siding and exterior. This makes your house and siding dirty. Moreover, a dirty roof and dirty siding reduces curb appeal and your home’s value to potential buyers or banks in the case of refinancing your home.

Somers roof, house and siding pressure cleaning- Westchester Power Washing- 914-490-8138Somers roof, house and siding cleaning- roof shampoo, soft washing- Westchester Power Washing


Washing your roof and cleaning your home exterior and siding increases your home’s appearance. As a result, potential home buyers are willing to pay more for your home.

A personal benefit to washing your roof and siding besides sustaining your Somer roofs life is the enjoyment you receive from your home’s appearance.

A clean roof, home exterior, siding, patio and deck turns your Somers house into a home the family enjoys.

Westchester Power Washing has been Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, NY’s #1 choice for home exterior cleaning, roof washing and pressure cleaning for almost 30 years and for over 18,000 satisfied homeowners.

CALL US: (914) 490-8138

So, how do you choose a roof cleaning company in Somers N.Y. (zip 10589)?

Of course we recommend, Westchester Power Washing to clean your Somers roof and home exterior. But this is not just because of who we are.

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In addition to experts at cleaning roofs and roof shampoo, Westchester Power Washing cleans siding, patios, decks, fences and outdoor furniture. In short, we are the roof cleaning and home exterior cleaning experts in Somers N.Y. (zip 10589).

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To have your roof cleaned, siding cleaned, deck cleaned, patio cleaned or for a free estimates on roof cleaning and home exterior cleaning in Somers, call Westchester Power Washing (914) 490 – 8138.