Are you constantly tempted to power clean your roof yourself? The thought may come to mind seem creating a solution to your roof cleaning needs, but you may be creating a huge problem for yourself and for your roof.

  1. The damage that this creates will not be noticeable right away. If not done correctly, pressure cleaning your own roof usually leads to the removal of granules from your shingles.The shingles on your roof are made from asphalt. In case you are not aware, granules help your roof protect you and your loved ones from the sun, wind, and rain. Basically, do not mess with the roof on your head. Call the pros at Westchester Power Washing Co.
  2. It can be highly dangerous, even deadly if not done by a professional like Peter Salotto from Westchester Power Washing. Remember, safety comes first.
  3. Avoid pressure cleaning your roof with a hose from the ground. Why? Because it may cause health-related issues. Doing this will leave water trapped under the shingles causing leaks and rots! Leave the roof cleaning to the professionals at Westchester Power Washing.
  4. Did you know that mold is what makes your roof look dirty? Cleaning your own roof leads to your tiles being more porous than what they already are. In other words, you are creating more spaces for the nasty mold to multiply on your roof!
  5. Also, when water seeps through your roof tiles it can also rot your timbers allowing mold to grow inside your house. Water can soak through your roof and ceiling after getting to the insulation. This may result in safety concerns if the water reaches the electric and light fittings in your home. Again, best to leave the roof cleaning to the pros at Westchester Power Washing.

If you are looking for more information on getting a pressure cleaning for your roof, make sure to check out my friends at Ask for Pete and let him know you read this blog.


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