With summer approaching, getting your Chappaqua roof cleaned or roof shampoo is important. In addition to getting your roof soft washed, it is a great idea to have your house and siding pressure washed.

We (Westchester Power Washing) professionally clean and remove black streaks, mold, mildew, moss and lichens from your roof and home. While we make pressure washing and roof cleaning look easy, it is not easy work.


We have almost 30 years experience pressure cleaning homes, patios, decks, walkways, siding and soft washing roofs. During this time, we have washed more than 18,000 houses throughout Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, New York. This includes pressure washing homes and cleaning roofs in Chappaqua, Katonah and Bedford Hills. As well as, Armonk, Pound Ridge and Rye. Our list of customers highly recommend Westchester Power Washing.


If searching for roof cleaning or house pressure washing in Chappaqua that’s rated best and FREE estimates, call 914-490-8138.


In addition, we are rated the best roof cleaning and house pressure washing business in Chappaqua by numerous websites. We also have 5 star reviews on Google Business.

Chappaqau, roof cleaning, house and siding pressure washing BEFOREChappaqau, roof cleaning, house and siding pressure washing After








Before Pressure Washing House & Siding       After Pressure Cleaning Home & Siding


When you hire a roof cleaning and house pressure washing business, there are some questions you should ask.

Is your roof cleaning and home pressure washing business insured in Chappaqua?

Unfortunately, most roof washing and pressure cleaning businesses are not insured. As a result, you take risks hiring uninsured roof shampoo or pressure washing company. Westchester Power Washing is insured. We have liability insurance specific to the roof cleaning and pressure washing business. We are insured to protect you, us and our workers.

Do you use harsh chemicals that harm families, pets and landscapes?

When you hire Westchester Power Washing to clean your roof and pressure clean your home, patio, deck, pavers, and walkways, we only use eco-friendly cleaning solutions. Our cleaning products are safe for pets, families and landscapes. Many companies use harsh chemicals damage your roof, siding and plants. In addition, these chemicals are dangerous for people and pets. We love family, pets and landscapes so we do our best to keep us and you safe.

If I have a problem, can I speak directly with the owner of the pressure washing business?

Yes, if you ever have any questions regarding your roof cleaning or house pressure washing, call the owner Pete Salotto at 914-490-8138. Peter is a retired NYC police officer and has personally washed more than 18,000 homes since 1990. He is also the one who will give you a FREE roof cleaning and pressure washing estimate. And, he will be the one soft washing your roof, pressure washing your house, siding, deck, patio, pavers, fence, outdoor furniture, walkways and driveway.  

Is your roof cleaning and pressure washing guaranteed?

Yes, we guarantee our roof cleaning for 5 years with our always clean roof guarantee. Please ask Peter about this wonderful roof cleaning plan which is considered the best in the industry.

Do you provide free roof cleaning quotes and free house pressure cleaning estimates?

Yes, we provide FREE Roof and House Pressure Washing Quotes and Estimates. Please call or text 914-490-8138. There is no obligation to have your roof or house cleaned.

Beware. All pressure washing businesses are different.

The difference is how each of us pressure wash your home and clean your roof. In addition, some companies do not have proper experience to clean your roof or pressure wash your home, patio, deck, pavers or your walkways.

As you are aware, home values in Chappaqua have risen steady over the last few years. Maintaining your home value can be accomplished by having your roof washed and your house pressure washed on a regular basis. A clean roof, free of dirt, black marks, mold, mildew, moss and lichens is more efficient and extends the life of your roof. Also, a clean roof and house adds curb appeal and enjoyment.

To protect and increase your Chappaqua home’s value, soft roof washing and pressure cleaning is a great investment. This is why so many Chappaqua residents call Westchester Power Washing as well as real estate agents. We wash your roof, house, siding, patio, deck, walkway and pavers so that your home looks almost like new. Having your house pressure washed is one of the few ways you get to increase your home’s value in a matter of hours instead of spending days or weeks redoing landscaping, painting your interior and exterior or having to remodel your kitchen or bathroom.

By the way, if your roof does have black streaks or mark, lichens, mold, mildew or moss, your roof needs to be cleaned in order to protect it from needing to be replaced. Replacing a roof can cost 10 times more than roof cleaning. Furthermore, your insurance company can cancel your homeowner’s insurance policy as a dirty roof is a sign of neglect and a potential claim waiting to happen.

Again, of you are searching the internet looking for Roof cleaning or House Pressure washing near me in Chappaqua or wasnt to call an experienced, insured highly rated pressure washing and roof cleaning business in Chappaqua- call Westchester Power Washing at 914-490-8138.

In addition to Chappaqua, we pressure wash homes throughout Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, New York and we would love to pressure clean your home as well.