New York’s Expert Roof Cleaners

Roof Washing.  Roof Cleaning.  Roof Shampoo-ing.

Regardless of the term you use to describe the careful, restorative cleaning process of your roof, Westchester Power Washing has been the premiere roof cleaning specialist in the county for over twenty five years.

Why wash your roof?  Simple.  Algae, moss, or lichen feed on limestone in the roof shingles and continue to multiply creating a roof full of unsightly streaks. The algae dislodges the protective granules and when left untreated, this algae can prematurely degrade and cause roof failure. Additionally, it can expose residents to other potential health concerns.

That’s where Westchester Power Washing comes in.  With our proven soft roof washing method, we do not use traditional power washing. Instead, we use a safe and effective solution than kills mold instantly. We will gently spray your roof removing years of growth bringing your home back to its original look.

So give us a call and take back your roof.  Our expert roof cleaners are excited to build on the strong reputation our Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess County, NY neighbors continue to talk about.

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