Searching for the best roof washing in Westchester, Co N.Y? According to google reviews and yelp, Westchester Power Washing is rated one of the best roof washing and cleaning businesses. In addition, they are also the most recommended residential pressure washing company.


Westchester Power Washing is licensed and insured. They also give FREE roof, house, siding, patio and deck pressure cleaning estimates. Call or text 914-490-8138 for a FREE quote. You can also contact Westchester Power Washing online


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In business for almost 30 years, the owner, Peter Salotto- a retired NY police officer, has cleaned more than 18,000 home exteriors. He is one of the most experienced residential home exterior cleaning experts in the house pressure cleaning business. He believes in great customer service and has built his business since 1990 on referrals and by doing great work.


Due to Peter’s concern for the environment, pets and families, he uses environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. If you have any questions about pressure washing, roof cleaning or what is a roof shampoo, call Peter at 914-490-8138. Peter will explain how he pressure washes your home and soft washes your roof. In addition, he will also explain what the term “roof shampoo” means and how it is different than roof soft washing.


Westchester Power Washing pressure cleans homes throughout Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, New York. For a complete list of towns, click here.


Westchester Power Washing also owns and operates some of the most successful pressure washing websites servicing New York. These sites Power Washing Westchester, Roof Washing NY, Pressure Cleaning Westchester, Westchester Roof Washing.


power washing,roof shampoo, soft wash, pressure cleaning, siding,pressure washing, siding pressure cleaning, Vinyl siding pressure washing, siding soft wash, house washing, soft house washing, power washingWestchester Power Washing pressure cleans houses, decks, patios, outdoor furniture, sidewalks, driveways and fences. In addition, they soft wash roofs versus roof shampoo. Roof soft washing is better than roof shampoo cleaning. Roof shampoo technique can damage roof shingles. Soft roof washing bathes or also shampoos your roof with the cleaning solution. Afterwards your roof is soft water washed removing black marks, lichens, mold, mildew and moss.

For a list of home exterior pressure washing services offered by Westchester Power Washing, click here for our pressure cleaning services.


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