Roof and siding pressure washing/ cleaning are important for home values. Therefore, if you need your roof or siding pressure cleaned, call home exterior cleaning pros. The best rated home exterior cleaning experts in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, NY is Westchester Power Washing (

pressure washing, home cleaning, roof cleaning, siding cleaning, westchester power washingA dirty roof or siding with black streaks, stains, mildew, moss, mold, lichens and fungus needs to be cleaned with a pressure washer. If you use a pressure washer to clean or do it yourself, you can damage your roof or siding. Cleaning a roof and siding is hard work.The best way to clean a roof  or siding is to call the #1 rated roof cleaning company, Westchester Power Washing. They use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and know how to use a pressure washer safely.

Homeowners in Rye, NY (area code 10580) choose Westchester Power Washing to clean their roof and siding more than any other home exterior cleaning company. This includes homeowners in Rye Brook, Harrison, Purchase and Scarsdale. In addition, these same customers in Rye, Rye Brook, Harrison, Purchase, White Plains and Scarsdale also chose to have their patios, decks and pavers cleaned.

Another way to increase your home value is to have your patio and deck cleaned. A pressure washed wood deck or concrete patio increases your home’s appearance and value. A dirty patio and deck make your home look less attractive to home buyers. Westchester Power Washing cleans your deck and patio so it looks like new.

Whether you are selling your home or just want to increase your home value, cleaning your home exterior is a great idea. Many homeowners think about painting their home but forget to have their roof and siding cleaned too. Your home’s curb appeal is important for your enjoyment and home’s value. Therefore, call Westchester Power Washing for a free roof, patio, deck and siding cleaning estimate at 914-490-8138.

If you home is in Rye, Rye Brook, Harrison, Purchase, White Plains or Scarsdale, NY, ask us about our recent roof cleaning and siding cleaning jobs. We have referrals and great google reviews available. In fact, google reviews rates Westchester Power Washing as a 5 star home exterior, roof and siding cleaning company.

Westchester Power Washing is so sure of our soft roof washing process, we provide you with a 5 Year Limited Streak-Free roof washing guarantee.

Soft roof washing benefits over high pressure roof washing include:

Uses less water
Longer lasting results
Safe for all known building materials
More cost effective
Leaves surfaces cleaner(100 % kill of mold and bacteria)
Kills spores and moss on contact
Does not damage the surface
Does not exaggerate weathering effect
Roof 100% sterilized

With our proven soft roof washing method, we do not use traditional pressure washing. Instead, we use a safe and effective cleaner than kills mold instantly. We gently spray your roof removing years of growth bringing your home back to its original look.

This is the ONLY roof cleaning method approved by Asphalt Roofing Manufacturing Association and the largest shingle producers.

Our proven process removes roof algae quickly and brings back the curb appeal of a new roof once more. Roof washing is among our specialties, and our experience safeguards you against the damage-prone methods of less experienced competitors. The soft-wash method protects your roof against unsafe cleaning methods and your wallet against a higher electric bill.

As light-colored asphalt roofs turn dark black with algae, they incubate more heat. This pushes your air conditioner to work harder.

Contact us for a free cleaning estimates to bring down that summer electric bill and increase your home’s value.

Peter Salotto’s professional expertise has saved thousands of Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County roofs from deterioration and decay.



For a free home exterior cleaning quote and estimate call 914-490-8138.