Rye roof cleaning. Katonah roof cleaning. Armonk roof cleaning. Who is the best roof pressure cleaner in Rye, Katonah or Armonk? Who is the best rated roof washing company in Rye, Armonk or Katonah?


If you asked Siri or Google questions about Rye, Katonah or Armonk roof pressure cleaning or washing, Westchester Power Washing is the company most recommended.


roof cleaning, patio, patio pressure washing, patio cleaningWestchester Power Washing are the experts in pressure washing homes. We have washed roofs and houses since 1990. As a result, our 28 years experience pressure cleaning roofs, houses, siding, decks and patios earned Westchester Power Washing the #1 rated roof cleaning company in NY.  In addition, we have washed almost 18,000 homes, roofs, patios, sidings, decks and outdoor furniture.


As a result, Westchester Power Washing is known for throughout Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, NY as the best roof and house cleaning company. Furthermore, black streaks, mold, mildew, moss and lichens are cleaned and properly removed.


Westchester Power Washing is licensed and insured. We wash and pressure clean your Rye, Katonah or Armonk home safely. Licensed and insured means Rye, Katonah and Armonk homeowners rest easy. Peter Salotto, owner of Westchester Power Washing is a retired police officer. In fact, he is the one who personally washes your roof and home. Peter has pressure washed roofs and houses for almost 28 years since starting the company.


Do you give free roof cleaning estimates in Katonah, Rye or Armonk?

Call or text (91)490-8138 to get free house, roof, deck and siding cleaning estimates. Free roof and house cleaning estimates are for homes in Rye, Armonk and Katonah.  As well as, houses in Westchester Putnam and Dutchess County.


Do you give roof cleaning guarantees?

Yes, we give free roof cleaning guarantees. In addition, Westchester Power Washing guarantees your roof is free of black streaks, mold, mildew and moss for five years.


How often should my Rye, Katonah or Armonk roof be cleaned?

We soft wash your roof. Therefore, soft washing cleans your roof and removes black streaks, mold, mildew and fungi. As a result, bacteria beneath roof shingles are destroyed. Therefore, your roof stays clean on an average of 5 years. If your roof needs to be cleaned and you have our roof clean guarantee, we clean your roof free. Unless there is extreme weather conditions, your roof should stay clean other than normal dirty which happens from rain, dust, trees and soil dirt. This is not considered a dirty roof. Often the next rain washes the dirt away. Remove branches, leaves and other debris manually. This way your roof is protected from damage.

Do you clean roof gutters?

We do not clean gutters. As a result, we recommend a great company to cleans gutters in Westchester County. Therefore, call (914)490-8138 and we will recommend the best roof gutter cleaning company for you. Gutter cleaning like roof washing is a learned skill. We clean roofs, houses, patios and decks. For gutter cleaning, we always recommend an expert.


Westchester Power Washing is a 5 star rated roof and house exterior cleaning company on Google Business reviews and Yelp. Call 914-490-8138 for free roof, house, siding, deck and patio cleaning quotes.