Are you searching for roof or house pressure washing near you in Bedford (10506) or Bedford Hills (10507) New York?

slate roof washingRoof cleaning company and house pressure washing business, Westchester Power Washing, offers Bedford and Bedford Hills residents- FREE ROOF AND HOUSE PRESSURE WASHING ESTIMATES. Call or text (914) 490 – 8138. Peter Salotto, owner of Westchester Power Washing will answer roof cleaning and house, siding, patio, deck and walkway pressure washing questions.

Some of the pressure cleaning questions we get from Bedford homeowners include:

Do you pressure clean brick patios and pressure wash the pavers in my backyard?

Yes, we pressure clean brick pavers. In fact, below is a video of us pressure washing a brick patio in Hawthorne, N.Y. This patio had grass and weeds growing through their bricks. As you will see, after years of neglect, we pressure washed their brick patio and walkway until the bricks appeared almost new.

We also pressure wash pavers, concrete, tile and wood decks. Pressure washers come with different pressure washing nozzles. This allows us to choose the pressure needed to clean your house, patio, deck or walkway. We choose based on the type of surface- wood, concrete, pavers, tiles, trek dek. As well as the level of dirt present including moss, mold, lichens or algae.

How often should we pressure wash our house in Bedford Hills?

We recommend pressure washing your house when needed. Many homes we pressure wash and roofs we soft wash or “shampoo” is based on a schedule. For roofs, we recommend having your roof soft washed every 5 years. This is just an estimate. If you see your roof has black streaks, mold, mildew, moss or lichens, you need your roof washed. Most roof washing is every 5 years, whether you have an asphalt or even a slate roof. If you home is surrounded by trees, more than likely you will need your roof cleaned more often.

When it comes to pressure washing your house- siding, patio, deck, walkways, driveway and fence- annual it is probably needed. This is based on the weather we experience in Bedford and Bedford Hills throughout the seasons. As well as the amount of foliage on your property. The more moisture and foliage, the more often your house, siding, patio, deck and walkways have to be pressure cleaned.

If not sure if your home needs to be pressure washed or roof needs cleaning, call 914-490-8138. We can come out to your house or have you send us a few pictures of your roof, house, siding, deck and walkway. Either way, we can advise and give you a free estimate on pressure washing or roof cleaning. This service would be based on the size of your roof, house, patio, deck and walkway. In addition, we also determine the extent of the work required to get your house pressure washed correctly.

Is it true my insurance company can cancel my Bedford Hills policy if my roof is dirty or has black streaks?

Yes, there are stories about insurance companies cancelling homeowners policies due to the roof being dirty. These roofs have extensive mold, algae, mildew, lichens or moss. A roof that not been properly cleaned is at risk of need replacement. Insurance companies can also request your roof washed before cancelling policy.

Roof replacement can cost more than 10x the price of getting your roof shampooed or soft washed. If you washed your roof every five years, it would take 50 years to spend the same amount of money on roof cleaning as a roof replacement.

Furthermore, a dirty roof is less efficient. This means your house is not as insulated. Therefore, your home will be hotter in summer and colder in winter. In addition, your home heating and home cooling cost will rise as compensate for the roof not being efficient.

Should I hire a roof cleaning or house pressure washing business who is not insured to clean my house in Bedford Hills?

Westchester Power Washing is insured. Our pressure washing insurance covers your home from damage and protects our workers with workers compensation if an accident were to happen.

Never hire a roof washing or pressure cleaning business who is not properly insured.

If you want a pressure washing business in Bedford or Bedford Hills who is insured- call or text Westchester Power Washing (914)490-8138.

We clean roofs and pressure wash homes, siding, patios, decks, walkways, outdoor furniture, fences and barrier walls in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County. Many of our pressure washing customers are in Bedford, Bedford Hills, Scarsdale, Chappaqua, Rye, Pound Ridge, Katonah, White Plains and Armonk.

We are a 5 star google business review rated pressure washing and roof cleaning business.

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We guarantee our roof washing and house, siding, patio, walkway, trek deck and wood deck pressure cleaning. Furthermore, we clean slate and asphalt roofs. Again, call 914-490-8138 for a professional home exterior pressure cleaning company with almost 30 years experience.

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