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Pressure washing your walkway is key to maintaing your home’s value. There are lots of different types of concrete/masonary surfaces that we clean:

  • stone walkways
  • pool brick pavers
  • slate flagstone walls
  • bluestone including front/rear porches, stoops,concrete walks and driveways etc.
  • Brick patios





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Each of these surfaces typically grow moss, mildew, algae, dirt and other enviromental contaminents. While your exterior house may already be cleaned by a pressure washer, a dirt or stained walkway or driveway can diminish the look of your home’s entrance.

Cement patios and walkways is one of the hardest surfaces to clean around the house.  In order to clean any stone surface, you must use a professional grade powerwasher with a professional cleaner for cement/concrete surfaces. Westchester Power Washing pressure cleans concrete, driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, porches, and pool deckings. Our licensed pressure washers ensure your concrete and cement are just as clean as your exterior vinyl.

We don’t stop there.

Concrete walkways and patios can be sealed with a waterproof sealant to protect from further damage and reduce the need for future cleanings. Sidewalk cleaning and concrete surface powerwashing is a good service to consider with any house or deck pressure washing estimate.

Boosting that curb appeal (as well as your home’s value) has been one of our main goals since we started over 20 years ago. our expertise as a concrete cleaning service professional comes from cleaning thousands of brick, stone and slate patios walkways and pool cement surfaces.

That experience helps us give the customer what they want. We take care not to disturb areas near the walkways such as grass plantings, mulch, and flower beds that often go overlooked by “greener” vendors.

Westchester powerwashing has become the leader in the concrete patio washing in the Westchester Putnam and Dutchess co NY area.

“Green” Pressure Cleaning

If any solutions are used for cleaning brick stucco or concrete wall, patios , they are phospate-free and enviromentally friendly as with all of our house and deck cleaning and powerwash service

We carefully pressure clean every crevice of your home’s walkway — making sure to blast away the algae and weeds that sprout up between the concrete.

First impressions count.   Hiring a local, environmentally conscious pressure washing company makes all the difference in your home’s entryway.

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