If you want to know the best way to wash a slate roof, we can help. Since 1990, we have washed all types of roofs- slate, asphalt, tile, cement and metal roofs. Our roof cleaning and house pressure washing business operates in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, New York so we have cleaned all types of roofs. Our roof cleaning and roof washing customers are in Scarsdale, Larchmont, Mamaroneck, White Plains, New Rochelle and all across the west area of New York City.

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So back to the original question, what is the best way to wash or clean your New Rochelle slate roof?

When it comes to roof washing, there are many choices. Some companies pressure wash slate roofs. We do not recommend you pressure wash your slate roof. Other companies advertise that they shampoo your roof. As roof shampoo is both a name of a roof washing franchise and a roof cleaning process which varies from roof cleaning businesses, we again so no to roof shampoo. You cannot take a risk when washing your roof. Your roof is expensive.

Washing a roof is about a tenth of replacing a roof but a poorly washed roof can cost you money in terms of roof repairs as well. In addition, you do not want your slate roof to get damaged.

armonk, soft wash, wash, pressure washer, roof, roof cleaning, before and after roof cleanRegular roof cleaning is important for keeping a slate roof in working order. Debris, mold, mildew and moss buildup hold moisture in the slates. This can split your slate roof during the winter and cold weather we have had here in New York. Many of our roof cleaning customers in Scarsdale, Larchmont, White Plains and New Rochelle are aware of this.

So just before the NY winter came in, we had many roof cleaning jobs in Scarsdale, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, White Plains and New Rochelle. Having pressure washing more than 18,000 homes, we know many slate roof homeowners will call to protect their roof from the cold winter.

A slate roof looks tough and strong.

Slate roofs look durable and heavy. Yet, a slate roof is highly sensitive to chemicals and require proper cleaning just like asphalt, tile and cement roofs. While you may be tempted to pour a strong chemical on your roof or even have someone use a powerful pressure washer, do not do either of these. Your slate roof has to be treated and washed properly or it will be damaged.

Slate is a sedimentary rock with miniscule layers that cleave easily. The sedimentary rock and this unique quality is what distinguishes slate great for roofing material. Once turned into roofing material, slate absorbs water and naturally de-laminates during the freeze-and-thaw cycles of winter. Harder slate roofs, which are more expensive, absorbent less and last much longer over the years. Soft slate roofs absorb more water and delaminate easier than harder slate roofs.

Because a slate roof should last a lifetime, flashing, fasteners and accessory materials are often the highest quality so they don’t fail before the slates need replacing. A quality slate installation in Westchester, New York usually features heavy-gauge copper components. Copper will corrode when exposed to harsh chemicals. While most cleaning agents won’t usually gouge holes in your copper gutters, they can turn them prematurely black.

Though it looks solid, you should not walk on a slate roof.

Slate shingles do not lie flat against each other and can easily snap under pressure.

Some roof washing companies stand on your roof. This will damage your roof. Often, the damage is hidden under overlapping slate and is only noticed when your roof leaks. Also, slate is slippery when wet. You do not want a roof cleaner standing and then falling off your roof.

If you are going to maintain your slate roof. Limit cleaning to removing organic debris and delaminated slate flakes from valleys, snow guards, gutters and the area behind the chimney. Use heavy rubber gloves to scoop up material in areas you can safely reach. A vinyl leaf rake can clean harder-to-reach spots.

If you see moss, mold or rust spots, call Westchester Power Washing. We will safely clean your roof for you.

Do you pressure wash a slate roof?

Pressure washing can break apart slate roofs. Especially slates that are old or already damaged. Pressure washers also drive water up and under slates and can cause leaks. Even strong blasts or water your garden hose can do damage. This is why we only recommend soft washing your slate roof.

Soft washing gently soaks your roof with eco-friendly cleaning agents that remove moss, mildew, dirt, mold and algae from your roof. Side note: Gray or gray-green streaks usually come from zinc or copper flashing and nails. They don’t harm the stone. In fact, the chemicals that cause them are lethal to moss, mold and algae.

So how do you wash a slate roof?

Soft wash a slate roof just like asphalt, tile, cement and metal roofs. Roofs are highly sensitive to water pressure. PRessure washing will damage your roof.

Westchester Power Washing are the soft roof cleaning experts. Call us or visit any of our websites to learn more about roof cleaning, house and siding pressure washing as well as pressure washing siding, fences, outdoor furniture, patios, decks and barrier walls.