Yes, it is that time of the year to get your Mahopac slate or asphalt roof cleaned.

If you are in Mahopac and have done a google search “Roof cleaning near me in Mahopac” you probably were given Westchester Power Washing as the roof cleaning company to call. For almost 30 years, we have removed black streaks, moss, mold, mildew and dirt from Mahopac roofs. In addition, we have also pressure washed houses, siding, patios and decks in Mahopac, New York.

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Since 1990, including Mahopac, we have pressure washed more than 18,000 houses and roofs. We are an eco-friendly cleaning company that cares about safety for pets and families. Also, we make sure that we protect your landscaping, windows, gutters and outdoor furniture by working organized and aware. Furthermore, we treat our customer’s home like ours.

Peter Salotto, owner, a roof cleaning and pressure washing expert, has been pressure washing houses for almost 30 years. In addition to owning and operating Westchester Power Washing, Peter is a retired NY police officer. Peter understands that it is not easy to have someone come out to your home to have your roof cleaned and pressure washed. Many companies that offer pressure washing and roof cleaning are not insured and worse, some are not trustworthy.

Therefore, before you hire a roof cleaning or house (residential) pressure washing business, make sure they are insured in New York. At Westchester Power Washing we are insured to protect you, your property and us. In addition, getting your Mahopac house pressure washed and roof cleaned should be a stress-free experience.

Are you searching for a company that does cleaning company, roof shampoo and house pressure washing in Mahopac that also gives FREE Estimates?

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Are you ready to get your roof washed or your home, siding, patio or deck pressure washed?

Again, simply call or text 914-490-8138. Peter Salotta will make an appointment to come out to your home and get your slate or asphalt roof cleaned or house pressure washed at your convenience.

We specialize in cleaning slate and asphalt roofs. Roof cleaning requires the proper equipment and experience. Do not hire a company to clean your slate roof or asphalt roof because they offer “Cheap roof cleaning services.”

As you know, cheap or discount roof cleaning will probably cost you more in the long run.

Furthermore, some of these companies pressure wash your roof or use equipment on your roof. This is dangerous for your roof and can damage your roof forcing you to get roof replacement. Also, Pressure washing a roof destroys your shingles and slate roofs. In addition, the roof paper also gets damaged. Roof pressure washing can also cause your roof to leak. With the heavy rains in Mahopac and the snow in the winter, you cannot afford your roof to have leaks.

At Westchester Power Washing we soft wash your Mahopac asphalt or slate roof.

Soft roof washing is rated and best way to wash roof. With soft roof washing, black streaks or marks, moss, mold mildew, lichens and dirt are cleaned and removed.

Furthermore, Westchester Power Washing stands by its roof cleaning and house pressure washing services. We guarantee our roof cleaning to get your roof clean. In addition, we also guarantee our house pressure washing services which includes pressure cleaning your siding, patio and deck. If you are unhappy with any or our exterior residential/ house cleaning services, call the owner at 914-490-8138. Peter will answer your call and resolve the problem. By the way, in almost 30 years, we have rarely have a customer call and complain. Most of our calls and letters are to say thank you and to so how great their roof and house looks cleaned.

If you want your Mahopac house, siding, patio or deck pressure washed or your roof washed, we look forward to serving you.

We have hundreds of testimonials, are rated one of the best roof cleaning and house pressure washing businesses in Westchester County NY by several websites. We also have one of the highest viewed pressure washing videos on Youtube.

If you want to hire a roof cleaning and house pressure washing company where you can call or text the owner directly and one who has honorable served the community while working as police officer, Peter Salotto appreciates your business and your trust.