Increasing your home values in Westchester County, NY can be achieved with a few home improvements. Real estate agents call Westchester Power Washing to pressure wash a house for sale or rent. In addition, homeowner renting or selling their home throughout Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County also call for pressure cleaning services.

home values, roof, siding, deck cleaning, westchesterpowerwashing.comWhether in Armonk, White Plains, Scarsdale, Chappaqua or Katonah, the 5 ways to increase your home value are the same. The ideas are applicable across the country not just New York. Over the past 28 years, we’ve pressure washed more homes than any pressure washing business in NY.

At the end, we provide you with towns we do pressure cleaning. For now, please follow this list, it will increase your home values and enjoyment.


5 Ways To Increase Home Values in Westchester, New York


  1. Paint.

     The easiest ways to increase your home’s market appeal, value and enjoyment is to paint. Pain interior rooms, your exterior and paint your doors. Many people can paint their home by themselves. This saves money over hiring a painting company. The best thing to do is buy a highly rated paint. Cheap paint  is not good for wall coverage or appearance. In addition, use paint colors that are neutral. The area where you can take more color risks is the front door. An inviting front door color works well. Many homeowners paint the door red, green or gray. These colors accentuate the front entry while adding curb appeal.


  1. Plant.

    When you look at the front, side and back of your house, is it well landscaped? A beautiful landscape attracts buyers and ultimately improves home prices. If you purchase small trees, shrubs and plant they cost less than mature foliage. Unlike most items, over time the trees, bushes and plants grow making them more valuable. When you plant, think of your yard as a paint canvas. Sketch out where each of the flowers or trees will be planted. By doing this, you select which side of your house is in the most need. Plants and trees bring the neighborhood to life. Start small and plant weekly. Over time, your home will be more marketable if you decide to sell or rent.


  1. Plumbing.

    One of the areas in the home that is often overlook is the plumbing. Plumbing includes sinks, faucets, hardware and pipes. Changing dated plumbing fixtures, you improve the appearance of the bathrooms and kitchen. Bathroom and kitchen faucets come in different styles, materials and functions. Many homes in Westchester County were built more than 25 years ago. As a result, some of the plumbing is dated or in need of mechanical repair. Fixing the pipes and updating the fixtures is a guaranteed way to appeal to prospects. Recently, while pressure washing a deck in Scarsdale, our customer told us they had just updated their plumbing.  They did it themselves in less than 45 minutes. Furthermore, they said they painted the rooms which made them more inviting.


  1. Pride.

    Taking pride in your home and neighborhood increase home values. It also keeps the neighborhood clean and encourages others to do the same. When cutting your grass, planting or out for a walk, if you see trash pick it up. Even if the sidewalks and streets are county owned, helping to maintain them benefits all residents and home values.


  1. Pressure Cleaning.

    As mentioned earlier, real estate agents and private home owners call us when renting or selling their homes. This is because the home exterior which includes the house, roof, siding, patio, deck, fence and walkways greatly affect home appearance. Therefore, a dirty roof with black streaks, mold, mildew, lichens or moss depreciates home prices. As well as decks and patios that need to be pressure washed. And of course, a dirty house and siding make a home look in need of repair.


Are there other benefits to pressure washing my home?

We get calls from homeowners in Chappaqua, Scarsdale, Katonah, White Plains, Bronxville, Armonk, Pleasantville and almost every town in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County for pressure washing services. Often times these pressure washing calls are because the home exterior is dirty and they want it cleaned. Other times, the insurance company is about to cancel the homeowners policy because the roof has black streaks, lichens, moss, mold or mildew.

home values, power wash, power washing, roof shampoo, dirty roof, roof cleaning, house cleaning, roof soft wash, roof clean, dirty roof, before and afterEven home insurance companies determine a home’s worth by its appearance and signs of deterioration. Most times a dirty roof with black streaks or even mold, mildew, lichens or moss does not to be replaced. We have soft washed many roofs with these conditions and returned them to looking great. Unfortunately though, a roof with dirty conditions is often viewed as damaged and in need of replacement.

Replacing a roof can cost 10 times the price of cleaning dirt streaks, moss, mold, mildew and lichens from the roof. But, insurance companies are not roof companies. Roofing companies make more profits by telling homeowners black streaks are a sign of roof damage and need replacement. This is not true. Most roofs can last 25 years if cleaned every 5 years taken care of properly.

Roofing companies sells roofs not roof cleaning as their making profit machine. Before replacing a roof with black streaks, mold, mildew, lichens or moss, give Westchester Power Washing a call (914) 490-8138. If you are in New York- Westchester, Putnam or Dutchess County- we give FREE home exterior cleaning quotes.

Our FREE home pressure cleaning estimate covers roofs, decks, fencing, patios, walkways, siding and outdoor furniture.

power washing,roof shampoo, soft wash, pressure cleaning, siding,pressure washing, siding pressure cleaning, Vinyl siding pressure washing, siding soft wash, house washing, soft house washing, power washingAgain, to improve your home values and market price, we suggest these 5 things. Of the 5 suggestions, 4 you can do yourself in a few hours. Those are painting, planting, plumbing and taking pride in your home and neighborhood. The last idea, pressure washing your house, roof, siding, deck, patio, fencing and outdoor furniture is best performed by a professional. In addition, pressure washing equipment can be expensive and dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

By the way, Westchester Power Washing is a licensed and insured home exterior, roof, deck, siding and fence pressure cleaning company. We have been in business for almost 28 years. We are a 5 star google rated business. Westchester Power Washing is considered the #1 rated best pressure washing and roof cleaning company in NY.

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Below are a list of towns we provide pressure washing services within Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, NY.

Ardsley NY 10502, Armonk NY 10504, Bedford NY 10506, Bedford Hills NY 10507, Chappaqua NY 10514, Brewster NY 10509, Carmel (Kent) NY 10512,Cortlandt Manor NY 10567, Croton on Hudson  NY 10520.

Dobbs Ferry NY 10522, Eastchester NY 10709, Goldens Bridge NY 10526, Harrison NY 10528,West Harrison NY 10604.


Hartsdale NY 10530, Hawthorne NY 10532, Hopewell Junction NY 12533, Irvington NY 10533, Katonah NY 10536,Larchmont NY 10538.


Mahopac NY 10541, Mamaroneck NY 10543, 10538, Millwood NY 10546, Mohegan Lake NY 10547, Montrose NY 10548,Mt. Kisco NY 10549. New Rochelle NY 10804, 10538, 10583, 10801, 10802, 10803, 10805, North Salem NY 10560,Ossining NY 10502,

Pleasantville NY 10570, Pound Ridge NY 10576,Purchase NY 10577, Putnam Valley NY 10579, Rye NY 10580.

Rye Brook NY 10573,  Scarsdale NY 10583, Sleepy Hollow NY 10591, Somers NY 10589, South Salem NY 10590, Tarrytown NY 10591, Thornwood NY 10594.


Valhalla NY 10595, Waccabuc NY 10597, West Harrison 10604, Westchester, White Plains NY 10601,10602,10603,10604,10605,10606,10607,  Yorktown Heights NY 10598