Ask The Home Exterior Experts answers questions about roof washing and home pressure cleaning.

home exterior, soft roof washing, roof shampoo, brick pressure washing, pressure washing, soft roof washing, vinyl siding, Logo for Westchester PowerwashingFor almost 30 years, since 1990, we have washed more than 18,000 home exteriors. This includes soft washing roofs where we remove black streaks, mold, mildew, lichens, moss and dirt. We also wash houses. House washing includes brick homes, siding, stucco, wood and stone. Pressure washing a home exterior would not be complete if we did not pressure clean patios, decks, walkways, fences and even outdoor furniture.

We have pressure washed starter homes to multimillion dollar mansions. Our customers call us year after year. They also refer us business on a regular basis. We believe in customer service. We pressure cleaning your home professionally. This also means eco-friendly cleaning products. Furthermore, we are not satisfied until you are happy.

Unlike other pressure cleaning companies in particular Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, we are licensed and insured. As a result, you know we are experienced home exterior cleaning professionals who take care of business.

Westchester Pressure washing is a 5 star google rated pressure washing company. Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites refer us to customers in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, New York.

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Over the past few weeks, we have received some  home exterior pressure washing questions. Some of these include- 

A homeowner in Armonk called to ask,  Is there a difference between pressure washing and pressure cleaning?

A real estate agent in Bedford, asked What is the best way to remove black marks from a roof?

A new customer called from Hawthorne and asked, Should I get a roof shampoo or a soft roof washing?

home extrior washing, soft roof washing, pressure cleaning, power washing, roof shampoo, Patio Deck cleaned by Westchester PowerwashingPressure washing a home is hard work. Homeowners call when they need their roof and home exterior cleaned. From time to time, customers call after they tried to pressure wash their home by themselves.  Unfortunately, this means the person damaged their home, roof patio or deck. Other times, the pressure washer injured someone. Pressure washers are not toys. The pressure is controlled by using various nozzles but the wrong one can cause serious damage, In addition, using the pressure washing machine improperly can injure you or others.


So now to answer the pressure washing and home exterior cleaning questions listed above.

What is the difference between pressure washing and pressure cleaning? 

Pressure washing and pressure cleaning mean the same thing. Pressure cleaning and pressure washing refer to the machine, the pressure washer. The pressure washer is used to clean patios, decks, fences, walkways, walls and siding and houses. As stated before, the pressure washer uses nozzles. The nozzles all have different purposes. When pressure cleaning a home, it is important to know the right tool to use. Many handyman don’t understand how to use the pressure washing machine properly and they use the wrong nozzle. In addition, they use dangerous chemicals.

What is the best way to clean black streaks or marks from a roof?

The best way to remove black streaks or marks from a roof is soft roof washing. In addition to black stains, soft roof washing cleans moss, mold, mildew, lichens and dirt from roofs. Soft roof washing is a process where we use soft water combined with eco-friendly cleaning solutions to wash your roof. We allow the cleaning solution to soak into the roof shingles. As a result the mold, mildew, algae, moss and lichens are killed and wash off the roof. After the soaking we gently allow the water to cleanse your roof. We never us pressure to wash your roof. Some companies try to blast away moss, mold, lichens and black streaks with high water pressure. Instead they blast away your roof shingles and destroy your asphalt, roof and paper beneath. Soft roof washing is the #1 recommended way to clean a roof, period!

What is a roof shampoo versus soft roof washing?

We get this question a lot. Roof shampoo is a roof cleaning technique but it is also the brand name of a franchise roof cleaning company. The roof shampoo cleaning company uses their own way to wash roofs. We only soft wash roofs as it works best. Also, soft roof washing is the only recommended roof cleaning technique. Roof shampoo has been around a short while but not as long as Westchester Power Washing. We have been washing roofs since 1990. In addition we have pressure cleaned more than 18,000 home exteriors, roof, patios and decks.

When you call Westchester Power Washing, you are calling roof and home exterior cleaning experts. We are licensed and insured. If you need to speak with the owner, Peter Salott can be reached at 914-490-8138. He is a retired police officer and the one who provides the FREE roof and pressure cleaning estimates. In fact Peter has personally washed the 18,000 homes and roofs.

Whether you are from Armonk, Bedford, Chappaqua or Hawthorne, the home exterior and roof pressure cleaning questions and answers are the same. We are always here to answer roof cleaning and pressure washing questions.

If you want a FREE roof cleaning and home exterior pressure cleaning estimate, text or call 914-490-8138. 

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