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Roof cleaning, roof washing (also known as roof shampoo) and vinyl siding cleaning are our expertise. We clean your roof and siding to keep them free of ugly stains and mildew. The best option to keep your home’s exterior clean, is to have your roof and siding washed twice per year. In fact, most of our homeowners have us clean their home’s exterior twice per year. When we clean your roof and siding on our annual schedule, you save money, your home looks beautiful and your home’s exterior is cleaned by experts you can trust.

If you are searching for a company to clean your roof or clean your siding, consider this:

  1. Does the roof cleaner remove black stains, mold, moss, mildew and lichens without damaging your roof? Unlike the local handyman or inexperienced roof shampoo companies, we use safe detergents that do not damage your roof, siding or foliage.
  2. Do they use a pressure washer with high water pressure on your roof or siding? If yes, your siding and your roof will be damaged and may eventually leak. We never use a high pressure washer. We use a power washing technique where we use soft water to gently clean your roof and siding. The best cleaning and safest is when using the right water pressure and the right amount of water.
  3. Are they experienced and have references? We have almost 30 years of experience and have washed thousands of home exteriors. We also have a long list or testimonials on our website. Also, most of our clients have been with us for many years and we also clean their family’s home exterior.
  4. Can you trust this person in your home or on your property? All or our employees are handpicked by the owner of our company, Peter Salotto who is also a retired Police Officer. In addition, Peter lives locally and can be reached any time of the day when necessary.
  5. Your home’s value is affected by a dirty roof or dirty siding. Curb appeal affects how much you enjoy your home and your home’s potential resale value. A clean home is more peaceful looking, enjoyable and desirable. Keep your roof clean and your siding clean so you are also protecting of one of your largest financial investments.

Who are we?

We are Roof Washing NY. One of the oldest home exterior cleaning companies in Westchester County. We have been cleaning roofs and siding for almost 30 years and are recognized as the best roof cleaning and siding cleaning company in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County.

When you are ready to remove the black streaks from your roof, the stains from your siding or need your driveway or sidewalk pressure washed, call us today. We will give you a free home exterior cleaning estimate and restore your home’s beauty.

Call us at 914-490-8138 for a free estimate or go here for a list of our testimonials.