Best way to wash a roof is often debated. Yet, one roof washing method almost guarantees your roof will be clean, free of moss, black streaks, mold and mildew without causing damage. Other popular methods of roof washing are guaranteed to damage your roof and the black streaks mold and mildew will return shortly after. In addition, extensive roof damage will be caused.

wash, pressure washer, soft wash, roof stains, black streaks- westchester power washingA few months ago, while washing a customer’s roof in Chappaqua NY (zip code ) I observed one of my competitors wash a roof across the street completely wrong. The roof cleaning company was using water from the pressure washer on high. This intensive water pressure for the pressure washer strips the shingles of their protective covering. In addition, this also lifts the shingles from the paper. Too make matters worse, the roof paper is also being damaged.

There is no reason to wash a roof that way. Besides the damage to the roof, there was also an excessive use of water, extensive run off onto the home and siding. As well as destruction to the landscaping. I could also smell the extensive harsh chemicals used as the wind blew.

I have washed dozens of roofs and siding in Chappaqua. This is not the first time in Chappaqua where I have seen roof cleaning and siding cleaning done wrong. Of course, I have seen improper roof cleaning methods in Katonah, Armonk, Bedford Hills and Somers. In fact, over the last almost 30 years and washing more than 15, 000 homes, (roofs, siding, patios, decks)  in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, I have seen many roof cleaning companies wash a roof using a pressure washer wrong.

Yes, the best way to was a roof is to use a pressure washer. The pressure washer should be on low water pressure. This way the roof shingles, the roof paper nor the house are damaged by the pressure washer. In fact, this method of roof washing is called soft wash or soft roof washing.

Soft roof washing allows the gentle, eco-friendly solution to absorb into the shingles. The shingles are then being cleaned properly. This removes the mold spores, mildew, black streaks, moss and lichens. Soft wash also is safe for the landscape.

Furthermore, the house and roof being washed in Chappaqua had extensive black streaks, mold and mildew on the roof. The pressure washer was the right tool just used wrong.

My customer, who also observed the neighbors house being cleaned asked me to turn up the pressure washer. I refused. I explained how the black streaks, mold and mildew need to be “soaked” or bathed to clean the roof properly. The water pressure on the roof and on the siding should soft wash the house not blast the house. When I pressure wash a deck or patio, yes, I can turn the pressure washer up but even then, their are limits.

Your goal is to wash your roof not strip your roof shingles. The same about washing siding. Siding is very delicate material. The pressure washer should soft wash your house. Therefore, your home is clean. Then, the mold, mildew and black streaks are cleaned.

Recently, I received a call from my house cleaning customer in Chappaqua. He called to thank me for soft washing his roof and siding. His neighbor whose homes was pressured washed on high pressure not only had the black streaks still visible but also the roof was in fact damaged. The roof shingles were torn from the paper. This led to the house leaking during a rainstorm in Chappaqua. The insurance company could see the damage was from improper roof cleaning.

Whether you are in Chappaqua, Bedford Hills, Somers, Armonk or Katonah  and you need your roof or siding washed, the best way to wash roof and wash siding is soft wash. I am available to wash your roof, siding, decks or patio. Call me at 914-490-8138 for a free roof or siding cleaning quote.

At, Westchester Power Washing, we treat your home like our home. We wash your roof, deck, patio and siding with eco-safe product. We also guarantee our work.

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