Bedford Hills House Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning by Google 5 star rated Westchester Power Washing. If you are looking to have your house pressure washed, siding cleaned, patio or deck pressure washed, call 914-490-8138. In addition to being the best rated licensed and insured home exterior cleaning company in Westchester, NY, we are also the most recommended.


Bedford hills, Vinyl Siding Cleaning beforeWe have been in business for almost 30 years. Since 1990 we have pressured washed more than 18,000 houses. This includes soft washing slate, metal, asphalt, shingle and ceramic roofs. As well as pressure cleaning siding, decks, patios, outdoor furniture, driveways, walkways, fences and walls. Westchester Power Washing has removes black streaks, algae, mold, mildew, lichens and moss from your house, siding and roof. No other roof washing or house pressure cleaning business is more experienced.


We also pressure wash houses in Armonk, Chappaqua, Scarsdale, Pleasantville, Katonah, Pound Ridge and throughout Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County. If you are searching for a #1 rated pressure washing business call or text us at 914-490-8138.


Most of our customers have been doing business with us for more than 10 to 30 years. We help you prepare your home exterior for parties, weddings, events, to sell your home as well as for your personal enjoyment. Whatever your reason for needing your house pressure washed and your roof cleaned, we can do the job right.


In fact, pressure washing your home increases your enjoyment and home value. One of the best ways to increase your home’s value is pressure washing and roof cleaning. The next best investment is to have your house painted. But compared to painting, pressure washing your home and cleaning your roof is less expensive and can usually make your house look almost new.


If you are having solar panels installed, call us. It is best to have your roof washed and cleaned before installing solar panels. Many of the solar panel installation companies recommend Westchester Power Washing. We clean your roof and can pressure wash your house and siding at the same time.


bedofr hills pressure wshing, houses, roof cleaning, patios, decks, sidingPressure washing your home is a great investment if done right by the right company. Never let someone pressure wash your home who is not licensed and insured. Pressure washing and roof cleaning is hard work and can be dangerous. In addition, accidents happen. Therefore, Westchester Power Washing is the smart choice when it comes to hiring an experienced home exterior cleaning company.


By the way, Peter Salotto, owner of Westchester Power Washing is a retired NY police officer. Peter will be the one who comes out to clean your roof and pressure wash your home. Peter is also the person who will give you a FREE roof cleaning and house pressure washing estimate simply by texting or calling him at 914-490-8138.

Whether you want a roof shampoo, a roof wash or roof cleaning call us. We remove dirt, black marks, mold, lichens, moss and mildew from your roof. We also pressure wash your house and siding. You should wash your roof every five years. Your siding needs to be washed more often. Depending on where your home is and the amount of trees and whether conditions, your house and siding should be pressure washed annually or every two years.


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Bedford Hills House Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning Company Westchester Power Washing. Call us to make an appointment. We are open 7 days a week. We take care of large homes and small homes. We clean your roof and house using eco-safe cleaning solutions. We care about pets and families so our cleaning products are pet and family safe.


Best rated Bedford House Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning is Westchester Power Washing.


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