Call Westchester Power Washing for our soft washing service to clean your Armonk roof, siding and home. You get a low-pressure exterior cleaning that doesn’t damage your roof, siding, house, windows or landscape.

Armonk, RYE BROOK. NY. Westchester Power Washing- Roof Cleaning, Roof Shampoo, House Pressure Washing, Siding, Pavers, Decks, Stone, Tile, Fences, Outdoor Furniture, Walkways, FREE ESTIMATES 914-490-8138Westchester Power Washing has been an Armonk roof cleaning and  pressure washing company since 1990. We are highly experienced in washing your roof, home, siding, patio, deck, walkways, fences and outdoor furniture. We only use the best and most effective methods for residential exterior cleaning. Moreover, we provide home pressure cleaning services throughout Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County, New York.

At Westchester Power Washing we use a roof and house cleaning process using low water pressure. This is called soft washing. Soft washing is the best and safest way to deep clean your roof, house and siding.  In addition, we use environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our cleaning product is safe for people, pets and plants.

Furthermore, soft washing and pressure cleaning are the best ways to improve your home’s curb appeal. These remove dirt, mold, mildew, lichens and algae stains. We clean concrete driveways, walkways, brick, roof shingles, siding materials, wood fences, outdoor furniture, trek decks, vinyl and composite.

The owner of Westchester Power Washing, Peter Salotto is a retired New York Police Officer. Peter has personally washed more than 18, 000 homes, roof, patios, decks and walkways since 1990. Peter is the best roof and pressure washing expert in Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess County.

armonk, westchester power washing- roof soft washing, roof shampoo, pressure washing, siding, walkways, sidewalk, furniture, patios, decks, - surfaces wood, bricks, cement, asphalt, slate, shingles, stones, treck deck, composite decksFurthermore, Westchester Power Washing is insured to for roof and pressure cleaning. We carry liability and workers compensation insurance specific for roof and pressure washing. We invest in our business to protect us, our employees and our customers in case of accidents.

Most pressure washing and roof shampoo companies are not properly insured.

The proper insurance protects you, the homeowner. Never hire or trust an uninsured company to work on your home. Lastly, if you want to find out about the insurance we carry, call Peter at 914-490-8138.

As well as Armonk, Westchester Power Washing also offers roof and house exterior cleaning services in these communities:

  • Chappaqua Roof Washing and House Soft Washing Services
  • Scarsdale Roof Cleaning and Siding Washing
  • Rye Brook Roof and House Washing Services
  • Rye Roof Shampoo and Pressure Washing
  • Katonah Roof, House and Siding Cleaning
  • White Plains Roof Shampoo & Pressure Cleaning
  • Pound Ridge Pressure Washing and Roof Cleaning
  • Pleasantville House & Roof Washing

Our Armonk residential exterior cleaning services include:

  • Roof Cleaning
  • House Washing
  • Siding Cleaned
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Outdoor Furniture Cleaning
  • Stone Pressure Cleaning
  • Deck & Fence Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing Patios & Walkways
  • Pressure Washing Walls
  • Hot Water Pressure
  • Soft Washing

Armonk Residential Soft Washing Service

Armonk, WEstchester Power Washing, roof, house, siding and deck pressure cleaning, Stairs, fences, walls, walkways and driveways.

Before- algae and mold stained concrete stairway

Armonk, WEstchester Power Washing, roof, house, siding and deck pressure cleaning, Stairs, fences, walls, walkways and driveways.

After- Concrete stairs pressure washed

Our exterior residential soft washing service makes your home cleaner and more attractive. In addition, our soft washing process cleans and removes algae, fungus and bacteria that cause damage. Furthermore, the most destructive stains are black and green algae. As well as chemicals like oil and rust. Therefore, our soft washing deep cleans and removes algae, 0il and rust. This way your White Plain home’s siding, roof, concrete, wood, composite material and vinyl lasts longer.

If you are searching for soft washing or pressure cleaning in interested in our soft washing service in Armonk, call Westchester Power Washing at 914-490-8138.

Armonk, Somers Roof, roof, siding, pressure washing,Hopewell Junction Roof Cleaning, roof cleaning, roof washing, soft washing, Logo for Members of UAMCCFor FREE ESTIMATES on soft roof washing, roof shampoo, pressure washing in Armonk call or text Peter at 914-490-8138.

Call The Most Trusted Roof & House Washing Service in Armonk

Want your Armonk home to look its best? Call Westchester Power Washing. Westchester Power Washing is the most recommended and best rated Roof Washing and Residential Pressure Cleaning company in Armonk.

No other roof shampoo or house pressure washing business has more experienced. In fact, Westchester Power Washing is rated 5 stars on Google Business Review. Armonk homeowners recommend us to their friends and neighbors. Moreover, we have testimonials on our website which states the quality of work and excellent customer service Westchester Power Washing is known for and the #1 reason our customers recommend us to others.

Armonk home exterior, soft roof washing, roof shampoo, brick pressure washing, pressure washing, soft roof washing, vinyl siding, Logo for Westchester PowerwashingPressure washing your patio, deck, siding, driveway, walkway and other exterior areas around your home, you quickly and effectively remove dirt, sediment, mildew, algae, moss and stains. This helps your house maintain its beauty and reduces the wear and tear of mold, algae, chalk, insects, weeds, lichens and moss. Overtime, these substances break down and cause damage to your wood deck, fences, patios, masonry, stone, cement and concrete. In addition, they also degrade paint and stains causing you to have to restain and pain sooner.

For FREE ESTIMATES on soft roof washing, roof shampoo, pressure washing in Armonk call or text Peter at 914-490-8138.